Terms & Conditions


  • SIA „Ossollo”, Reg. No. 41203067622, legal address - A.Deglava Street 124-48, Riga, LV-1082, Latvia (hereinafter - OSSOLLO.COM provided content and services available on website www.OSSOLLO.COM (hereinafter - Website) in line with the below terms and conditions, in observance of the goods' delivery, return and other terms, regulations and company operation policy the content of which is available on the web site in line with its specific functions, elements or advertisements as well as it provides a customer care service and all of the aforesaid is contained in the present terms and conditions thus constitution and integral part thereof (commonly hereinafter referred to as Terms and conditions). Upon accessing the website and using it, you hereby certify that you have read the present terms and conditions, understand and agree to observe such terms without limitation or additional conditions.
  • OSSOLLO.COM reserves a right to alter the present terms and conditions without a prior notice.
  • In the event that a user via internet purchases any of the goods available for purchase on OSSOLLO.COM (hereinafter - "Goods), then such mutual agreement is considered to be a remote contract and is therefore subject to legal norms regulating a remote contract including, but not limited to, European Parliament and Council Directive 97/7/EEC on consumer protection in remote contracts, Consumer Right Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia and Minister Cabinet regulations titled "Regulations on remote contracts".


  • Processing of the registration data shall be performed in observance of the requirements set out in Law on Private person's data protection.
  • Any information that you have provides shall not be handed over to any third party without your consent or used otherwise without acquiring your prior consent
  • No financial information is required upon registration, only data that are necessary for preparation of purchase delivery invoices. Consumer hereby agrees to the processing of personal data as set out above.


  • Upon provision of the description of products available on the website, we strive to provide as accurate description as possible. In the event that any product (description, colors etc.) shall be changes, OSSOLLO.COM is not able to fully guarantee that the website will be up to date at all times to feature only the most recent information.
  • Product descriptions are considered to be of an informative nature and the use of such information does not arise in legal liability between the visitors of the website and the author. The company does not assume any availability on the quality the dresses photo - it is dependent on the technical capabilities of the the customer's screen.
  • The range of products is subject to frequent change and OSSOLLO.COM does not assume any liability in case the product is not out of stock or is not available for delivery.


  • Prices as indicated on the website are without delivery cost.
  • Price and product offering may be subject to change without a prior notice. In the event that the actual price of the product is different that that on the website, OSSOLLO.COM shall be in touch with you to agree on further action. In the event that OSSOLLO.COM shall not be able to contact you, the order shall be cancelled.
  • Payment may be made in advance.

Payment order

  • Bank transfer (advance payment)
  • Payment with bank cards VISA or MasterCard
    To find out more, go to "Payment order" section.


  • Delivery will be made to the address indicated by the client or to the Omniva parcel machine, the delivery method and address of which the client chooses at the time of order
  • Ordered goods will be delivered after order processing. Order processing takes place on business days from 9:00 to 18:00. In normal mode, processing takes 2-3 business days.
  • If you have chosen the Omniva delivery method, an SMS will be sent to your phone informing you that the goods have been delivered. Latvijas Pasts will send you a notification by mail
  • After receiving the parcel by the buyer, the goods are considered delivered and from that moment the buyer is responsible for all the goods.
  • In cases where delivery to the Client is impossible due to the fact that the Buyer or any other person designated by the Buyer to receive delivery is not present at the specified delivery address, even if the Client was notified of the delivery time; Customer must pay return shipping charges.
  • .Cost of delivery and terms are set depending on the type of delivery selected. To find out more, go to "Delivery" section


  •  The buyer has a right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 calendar days and return the goods purchased to OSSOLLO.COM.
  •  Goods return is performed in line with the LR Consumer rights protection law of the Republic of Latvia.
  • To find out more, go to "Rules of return" section.


  • OSSOLLO.COM is not liable for latency in performance of the obligations or a non-performance there of in the event that it is caused by such conditions or causes that are outside the reasonable control of our company including but not limited to strikes, government decrees, warfare or national state of emergency, threats or acts of terrorism, environmental or climate anomalies, non-performance on the part of third parties, disruptions in internet connections as well as error of computer hardware and software. In the event of such force majeure conditions, we shall apply due effort to resolve any latencies as soon as possible.
    OSSOLLO.COM administration.